How Parents Can Use ChatGPT and AI for the Progress of their Children

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Trained over 3000+ Parents & Educators on Technology

Live Session on 23 August 2023, Wednesday at 8:00 pm (Recording also available)

Register & Learn more about AI for Parents Now Only @Rs.800/-
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Hi Parents!

ChatGTP and Ai has revolutionized every field in the last 6 months. Professionals have been able to reduce their workload and improve their efficiency  by using ChatGPT and various AI tools. The team at upEducators has done intensive research on how Parents can use ChatGPT and other AI tools for the Progress and development of their Children.

1225+ Parents and Educators Benefitted

Benefits of Learning ChatGPT and AI for Parents ( Parents of Children Aged 1 to 16)

Prepare Worksheets : Parents invest huge amounts of Money in buying worksheets for different subjects and skills. Learn how to create worksheets on different topics using AI and Chat GPT

Simplifying Concept: Many kids struggle with understanding difficult concepts taught in the class. Learn how to use AI and ChatGPT to simplify any complex topics or concepts for your child

Assist in Competition: Enhance your child's performance in competitions such as Olympiad, dance, quizzes, arts, and drawing by utilizing ChatGPT and AI to provide valuable assistance and support.

Activity Ideas: Learn to create engaging activities, crafts, or games that can promote learning and development in their children. Learn to create age-appropriate recommendations based on the child's interests and abilities.

Homework Assistance: Learn how to use AI and Chatgpt  in understanding and explaining concepts that their children may be struggling with.

Helping in Projects: Parents spend lots of time helping their kids with creative and innovative projects. Learn how to utilize ChatGPT and AI as a valuable resource to guide your children through their projects, saving time and effort.

Story Books: Create engaging stories on the basis of preference of your child or learning goals using A!.

Skill Development: Learn how to use ChatGPt and AI to enhance a child's literacy, numeracy, problem-solving, and critical thinking abilities, providing opportunities for growth outside the traditional classroom.

Language Learning: AI language tools can support parents in teaching foreign languages to their children. Learn to use AI and ChatGPT, a conversation partner, offering language practice, vocabulary expansion, and cultural insights to help children develop language proficiency.

Parenting Advice: Learn how to use ChatGPT and AI to get tips and suggestions on parenting challenges. Whether it's dealing with behavior issues, managing screen time, or fostering healthy habits, parents can seek guidance and gain insights from AI Response.

Register & Learn more about AI for Parents Now Only @Rs.800/-
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What you will learn?

Discover Engaging Classroom Activities Tailored to Your Students' Interests and Abilities

Enhance Your Essay Evaluation Process: AI-powered Grading and Detailed Feedback for Student Writing

Unleash Your Imagination: Craft Captivating Story Books and Stunning Images with the Help of AI

Spark Creativity in Your Lessons: 8 Powerful Prompts to Create Engaging Storytelling and Lesson Plans

Assess and Challenge Your Students: 11 Prompts for Generating Exercises, Quizzes, and Assessments at Different Difficulty Levels

Master Email and Circular Writing with Ease: 5 Prompts to Draft Professional Communications Using AI

Streamline Your Email Communication: 6 Prompts for Composing Effective Messages and Replies on Any Topic

Unlock the Power of AI: 2 Tools to Generate Summaries of YouTube Videos and Websites in an Instant

Transform Your PDFs into Interactive Conversations: Create a ChatGPT Experience for Easy Access and Engagement

Unleash the Power of Visual Search: Find Information Instantly by Searching Objects and Images with Google Lens

Wow Your Audience with Stunning Presentations: Create Impressive Slides with AI-generated Content in Seconds

Bring Learning to Life: Create Engaging Educational Videos in a Snap with AI Assistance

Decode Complex Data with AI: Utilize Advanced Analytical Tools to Gain Insights from Challenging Data Sets

Discover a comprehensive list of over 10 AI tools curated by upEducators that are valuable for educators, all within a two-hour Masterclass.

Register & Learn more about AI for Parents Now Only @Rs.800/-
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Why Teachers prefer upEducators to upskill themselves?


Attending the Live Masterclass on ChatGPT and AI for Parents was excellent. I was amazed to learn how I can use AI tools like ChatGPT to simplify complex topics and concepts for my child. Now, instead of struggling to explain difficult subjects, I can rely on AI to provide clear and concise explanations. Moreover, learning how to create engaging activities and crafts using AI has made learning more enjoyable for my child. I highly recommend this workshop to all parents who want to leverage AI for the progress and development of their children.

Mrs. Astha jain

The Live Masterclass on ChatGPT and AI for Parents exceeded my expectations. As a parent, I often found myself struggling to assist my child with their projects and preparing them for competitions. However, after attending the workshop, I learned how to use ChatGPT and AI effectively in these situations. Additionally, the workshop provided insights on using AI for skill development and language learning, which has opened up new avenues for my child's growth and learning. I feel more equipped and confident as a parent, thanks to this Masterclass.

Ms. Hema Saggar

Register & Learn more about AI for Parents Now Only @Rs.800/-
Offer ends in 6:00

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Trainer Profile

Mr. Ankush Bhandari
​Google Certified Trainer 
Microsoft data Scientist

He is one of the leading trainers in India to teach Parents and Educators on Technology. He is also a Google Certified Trainer & Microsoft Certified Data Scientist.

  • 10+ years of experience in teaching new age Digital Tools, Digital Pedagogy and Technology.

  • Trained 3000+ Parents and Educators.

  • Trained in colleges like MHRD ( SPIU Bhopal), Symbiosis Group, MIT Group MP, GSITS Indore, Doon Schools, UCMAS India & Dubai, and 100+ Private Educational Institutes and Coaching Classes.

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About upEducators

upEducators, a Google for Education Partner, helps Parents and Educators in upskilling. We have trained 10000+ Parents and Educators on Digital Tools and courses like Google Certified Educator Program, Gamification in Education, Digital Literacy for Parents and many other courses that are required to make Educators and Parents digitally smart and confident.


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Register & Learn more about AI for Parents Now Only @Rs.800/-
Offer ends in 6:00

Trained 10,000+ Educators from 3000+ Schools & Colleges


10,000+ Educators

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How do I ensure that this course is not fake?

upEducators - is a Google for Education Partner Company, you can check our profile on Google Platform, Similarly you can check our 900+ Reviews on Google & 700+ Video Reviews on Youtube.

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Register & Learn more about AI for Parents Now Only @Rs.800/-
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it necessary to have technical knowledge to use ChatGPT and AI for my child's progress?

No, you don't need technical knowledge to use ChatGPT and AI for your child's progress. The workshop will provide step-by-step guidance on how to leverage AI tools effectively, and you'll learn practical techniques that can be easily implemented by parents.

Can AI tools like ChatGPT personalize learning for my child's specific needs and abilities?

Yes, AI tools have the capability to personalize learning for individual children. By analyzing data and understanding your child's strengths, weaknesses, and learning patterns, AI can generate tailored recommendations, exercises, and learning materials. This personalized approach can help optimize your child's learning experience and cater to their unique educational needs.

How do I ensure that this course is not fake?

upEducators - is a Google for Education Partner Company, you can check our profile on Google Platform, Similarly, you can check our 900+ Reviews and 700 Video Reviews on Youtube

Will I get the recording of the session?

Yes you will be getting the recording of the session on the Gmail id that you give to us

What are the Prerequisites for the course?

A Desktop/Laptop and a stable internet connection.

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