AI and ChatGPT Masterclass for Educators

Use ChatGPT & other AI Tools To Save 2 Hours Of Time Daily

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Training by

Mr. Ankush Bhandari

 Google Certified Trainer,

Trained over 3000+ Educators on Technology in Education

Live Session on 12 October 2023, Thursday, at 8:00 pm (Recording also available?

Register & Learn more about AI for Educators Now Only @Rs.800/-

Hi Teachers!

ChatGPT and AI tools have revolutionized every profession. Professionals have been able to reduce their workload by 20 -30% using ChatGPT and various AI tools. The team at upEducators has done intensive research on how Teachers can use ChatGPT and other AI tools to reduce their workload and create an engaging lesson plan.

Why should Teachers use AI Tools in their classrooms?

Enhanced teaching efficiencyChatGPT and AI tools can automate repetitive tasks for teachers, increasing teaching efficiency

Personalized feedback: ChatGPT and AI tools can provide personalized feedback to students for better learning outcomes

Personalized learning: ChatGPT and AI tools can help teachers create personalized learning experiences for students

Improved student engagement: ChatGPT and AI tools can create interactive and immersive learning experiences to improve student engagement

Providing instant answers: Teachers can use ChatGPT to provide instant answers to student questions, saving time and providing immediate feedback

Enhancing language learning: ChatGPT can help students practice language skills in a natural, conversational way

Register & Learn more about AI for Educators Now Only @Rs.800/-

What you will learn?

Based on students' profile, generate ideas for classroom activities using ChatGPT

How to evaluate essay kind of answers, give grades and provide feedback using ChatGPT and AI

How to write Story Book using chatGPT

8 Powerful prompts to create stories and examples for creating an engaging lesson plan

Learn to create images using image-based AI tools

11 Prompts to generate exercises, quizzes or assessment questions at various difficulty levels

Learn 5 prompts to draft emails and circulars with ease using ChatGPT

Learn 6 different prompts to draft emails on any topic and also reply to the emails

Learn 5 Prompts to generate a summary of Youtube Videos

Search for objects and find relevant information through a smartphone camera or image using Google Lens

Create amazing presentations with content in secs using Tome

Register & Learn more about AI for Educators Now Only @Rs.800/-
What will you learn?

  • ChatGPT
  • Google Lens
  • Dall-E
  • Bing
  • Tome

Who is this for?

School Teachers

Freelance Trainer

Librarian / Admin Staff in Schools

Tutor or Coaching Owner

Principal or Senior Management

Anyone who want to start career in Teaching

Register & Learn more about AI for Educators Now Only @Rs.800/-

Why Teachers prefer upEducators to upskill themselves?


I recently attended the AI for Educators Masterclass and I must say it was an eye-opener for me. The masterclass provided practical guidance on how to use AI tools to personalize learning, streamline tasks, and improve student engagement. The instructor was engaging and made the content easy to understand, even for those who are new to the subject.

Ms. Mukta Sareen

I have been teaching for over a decade and was a bit sceptical about the use of AI in the classroom. However, after attending the AI for Educator Masterclass, my perspective has completely changed. The masterclass provided me with a deeper understanding of the potential benefits of AI in education, such as personalized learning, improved student engagement, and data-driven decision-making. The instructor was able to provide practical examples of how AI can be used to enhance teaching efficiency and provide more detailed feedback to students. I left the masterclass feeling confident and excited to incorporate AI tools into my classroom

Ms. Hema Saggar

Register & Learn more about AI for Educators Now Only @Rs.800/-

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Trainer Profile

Mr. Ankush Bhandari
​Google Certified Trainer

He is one of the leading trainers in India to teach Educators on Technology and Digital Marketing. He is also a Google Certified Trainer & Microsoft Certified Data Scientist.

  • 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing of Education industry
  • Trained 2000+ Educators on How to grow an Education business using Digital Marketing, Digital Pedagogy and Digital Tools.
  • Trained Educators from MHRD ( SPIU Bhopal), Symbiosis Group, MIT Group MP, GSITS Indore, Doon Schools, UCMAS India & Dubai, and 100+ Private Educational Institutes and Coaching Classes.

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About upEducators

upEducators, a Google for Education Partner, helps Educators in upskilling. We have trained 10,000+ Educators on Google Certified Educator Program, Gamification in Education, Digital Marketing for Educators, Social Media in Education and many other courses that are required to make educators digitally smart and confident.


Educators trained from 3000+ Schools & Colleges


Google & Microsoft Certified Educators


Rating on Google


Educators trained from 3000+ Schools & Colleges


Rating on Google


Google & Microsoft Certified Educators


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Register & Learn more about AI for Educators Now Only @Rs.800/-

Trained 10,000+ Educators from 3000+ Schools & Colleges


10,000+ Educators

from 3000+ Schools

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How do I ensure that this course is not fake?

upEducators - is a Google for Education Partner Company, you can check our profile on Google Platform, Similarly you can check our 650+ Reviews on Google & 550+ Video Reviews on Youtube.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is AI, and how can it be used in education?

AI, or artificial intelligence, refers to the use of machines and algorithms to simulate human intelligence and decision-making. In education, AI tools can be used to automate administrative tasks, provide personalized feedback and learning, create plans and ideas

What are some common misconceptions about AI in education?

Some common misconceptions about AI in education include the belief that it will replace teachers or that it is too expensive or complex to implement. In reality, AI is a tool that can help enhance teaching and learning, not replace it, and there are a variety of affordable and user-friendly AI tools available for educators.

How do I ensure that this course is not fake?

upEducators - is a Google for Education Partner Company, you can check our profile on Google Platform, Similarly, you can check our 700+ Reviews and 550 Video Reviews on Youtube

Will I get the recording of the session?

Yes you will be getting the recording of the session on the Gmail id that you give to us

What are the Prerequisites for the course?

A Desktop/Laptop and a stable internet connection along with account setup for Quizizz, Baambozzle and Gimki

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